Itching, burning in the intimate area in women: causes. Treatment of itching in the intimate area at home. Itching in the intimate area during pregnancy


Our article will introduce you to the main causes of itching and burning in the intimate area, as well as tell you how to deal with this problem in folk and drug ways.

  • Almost every woman is familiar with such a problem as itching and burning in the intimate area. Uncommon symptoms provoke the desire in the fair sex to constantly scratch the genitals
  • The most unpleasant thing is that such a pathology can begin to manifest itself completely unexpectedly, for example, when a girl is at work or at a party. In this case, the woman will have to endure itching and burning until she gets home
  • Therefore, if you notice even the slightest redness of the labia, then do not wait for the remaining symptoms to appear, but immediately begin to take action. After all, if you miss the right moment, then the pathology will be much worse succumb to treatment and this will affect the state of both physical and psychological health

What does itching in intimate places in women mean?

Itching in the intimate area may occur due to imbalance in the microflora

Most often, itching in the intimate area occurs due to the strong and constant irritation of nerve endings.

  • Thus, the body shows that you have started problems with women's health, or you use poor-quality cosmetics for washing.
  • At the initial stage, this can be subtle discomfort that does not cause any pain.
  • But if you continue to have a negative effect on the nerve endings, then you will inevitably have itching and burning
  • If these symptoms do not disappear in the shortest possible time, then you need to look for the cause of irritation and try to get rid of it

Factors that provoke the appearance of itching:

• Improper hygiene. Irregular shaving of pubic hair or irregular grooming procedures can cause the appearance of such problems. After all, if, for example, you shave your hair against their growth, then it is likely that you will have painful irritation that will require additional care

• Synthetic underwear. If you want to avoid itching and burning in the intimate area, then buy panties made from natural fabrics. This will help to avoid excessive sweating and you will not need to change your clothes a couple of times a day. It is also very important to choose the right size. Tight panties can provoke the appearance of chafing and diaper rash, which will lead to the development of itching

• Discomfort before and during menstruation. A sufficiently large number of women complain of the appearance of discomfort in the last days of the cycle. This is due to the fact that during this period the level of estrogen in the body drops sharply and against this background, inflammation begins in the labia

Causes of Intimate Itching

Itching in the intimate area in women
  • Quite often, the cause of itching in the intimate area is insufficient moisture in the vaginal mucosa
  • Most often this happens due to the fact that the body ceases to produce hyauloronic acid in the right quantities. And if you help the body cope with this problem, then it is likely that the itch will also disappear
  • But since the vaginal mucosa cannot be treated with conventional cosmetic creams, then its treatment must be approached comprehensively
  • It will be better if you undergo a full examination of the body and make an appointment with a gynecologist. After the real reasons for the burning sensation become clear, the doctor will be able to choose an effective treatment for you

The main causes of itching in the intimate area:
• Allergy
• Hormonal disbalance
• Taking medications
• kidney disease
• Rough sex
• Eating very spicy and spicy foods
• Regular stressful situations

What to do to eliminate itching?

Douching with baking soda will help get rid of itching in the intimate area.

If it so happens that you cannot quickly get to the doctor, and unpleasant symptoms only intensify, then try to alleviate your condition yourself.

But remember, even if the symptoms of the disease disappear, in general, everything seems to the gynecologist absolutely necessary. After all, if you do not eliminate the problem to the end, then it can be modern in the chronic stage and getting rid of it will be quite difficult.

• Prepare a decoction of chamomile flowers and wash them every 3 hours
• Douch with a solution of soda, salt and iodine (it should not be very concentrated)
• Do not wash with products that you used before problems
• For at least a couple of days, give up sex with a loved one
• Give up alcohol and spicy foods completely

Female gynecological diseases with itching

Thrush can cause itching in the intimate area
  • But unfortunately, it is not always external factors that provoke the appearance of itching in the intimate area
  • Sometimes these unpleasant sensations are symptoms of female diseases that require quite a long and regular treatment.
  • Therefore, let's understand what these diseases are and how long they need to be treated.

Female diseases accompanied by itching and burning:

• Trichomonasis. In addition to itching, foamy discharge of yellow color may appear, which does not smell very nice. If the pathology is not treated, then painful rashes and cracks may appear on the mucous membranes of the vagina. Treatment usually lasts at least 10 days and requires compulsory treatment of the sexual partner

• Colpitis. Dramatically changing color, texture and amount of discharge. In especially severe cases, their number increases so much that it starts to dirty clothes and irritate the dermatological integument. Severe pain during intercourse may occur. Treatment lasts 10 to 15 days

• Vaginitis. A rather serious disease that provokes severe swelling, redness of the labia and an increase in inguinal lymph nodes. Body temperature can also increase and pain occurs during urination. Treatment lasts at least three weeks

• Thrush. The cause of its appearance are yeast. In addition to itching and burning, white curdled discharge with a sour smell appears. With the right approach, you can get rid of the problem in just a couple of days. I usually attribute vaginal suppositories and special douching to sick women

Treatment of intimate itching with folk remedies

Aloe juice for the treatment of itching in the intimate area
  • Itching and burning in the intimate area is a rather delicate problem that outsiders don’t really want to talk about
  • And if you also do not want to share your little secret with people close to you, then try to get rid of the pathology using folk remedies
  • Indeed, although modern gynecologists consider these methods to be not very effective, at the initial stages, while the disease is slightly started, they relieve the condition quite well

The most effective folk remedies:

• Soda. It is necessary to part 1 tsp. soda in 1 liter in warm boiled water and douche with the resulting solution in the morning and evening. But remember, such a manipulation will help get rid exclusively of itching, it will not eliminate the very cause of the disease
• Scarlet. Helps restore the vaginal mucosa and promotes the healing of cracks. So, take the scarlet leaves, scroll them into a meat grinder and squeeze the juice from the pulp. Dip a cotton swab into the healing fluid and insert it into the vagina. Repeat the procedure for at least 2-3 days
• Basil. Take basil leaves, chop them a little and pour boiling water. When the liquid has completely cooled, strain it and take 2-3 times a day for half a glass
• Carrot juice. Squeeze the juice out of the carrot, dilute it with water in a 1: 1 ratio, and sprinkle. Do not forget to heat the mixture before medical manipulation. If this is not done, then, with hypothermia, problems with the urea and appendages may begin

Drugs for the treatment of pruritus in the intimate area

Remedies for itching in an intimate place

If alternative methods do not help, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment with medications. But this must be done strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Only in this way you can avoid complications and in a short time get rid of the causes of itching. But even in this case, you can achieve a positive result if you do all the procedures regularly.

• Pimafucin
• Terzhinan
• Nystatin
• Metronidazole
• Azitroks
• Trichopoln
• Hydrocartisone
• Advantan
• Beloderm

How to avoid itching in the intimate area?

Prevention of itching in an intimate place

Usually, after all the symptoms disappear, women calmly return to their usual pace of life and begin to forget about recent problems. But in this case, you still should not completely relax.

After all, if you again will be poorly engaged in your health and do not adhere to all the rules of feminine hygiene, then the pain and discomfort will quickly return to you. Everyday prevention can help you avoid such problems.

Preventive measures:
• Wash twice a day
• For hygiene use soap without perfumes and dyes.
• Regularly change the towel that wipes the genitals
• Change underwear every day
• Refuse to wear thongs
• Daily routing should be changed every 4-5 hours
• Never rub your labia with a washcloth.

Itching in the intimate area reviews

Arina: For a long time I could not get rid of thrush. My gynecologist constantly changed my preparations, but they only had a temporary effect. As soon as I relaxed a little, itching and burning appeared with renewed vigor. As a result, I had to undergo a full examination of the body. Getting the results I was not very pleased. It turned out that I have a higher level of glucose in the blood and it is he who is the main cause of itching in the intimate zone. Therefore, I also had to struggle with this problem.

Diana: I have such problems in the autumn-winter period. As soon as the feet freeze, discomfort immediately begins in the labia. Once the itching started right at work and was so strong that I had to ask for time and rush home quickly. After that, I always carry vaginal suppositories with me, and if the problem begins to manifest itself in the wrong place, I just go to the bathroom, wipe the genitals with sanitary napkins and insert a therapeutic candle into the vagina. Yes, if you will use this method, do not forget to wear a daily gasket. Since you can’t calmly lie down for some time, part of the remedy will inevitably come out.


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