How to grow an avocado tree from seed at home: a step-by-step guide. How to germinate an avocado seed in water or in a pot of earth: description. Which side to plant avocado seed, and how many days to germinate? Will the avocado be fruit from the seed?


Instructions for growing avocado from stone.

Many of us prefer avocados. This fruit has an unusual buttery taste, so it can be added both to salted salads and to fruit salads. But what is he to do with the bone, which is half the mass of the whole fruit? In this article we will tell you what to do with a stone, and how to grow an avocado tree with it.

When is it better to germinate and plant an avocado seed in the ground: timeline.

For these purposes, you need to purchase a ripe fruit. Unripe fruits will not work, because you cannot grow a culture from such a bone. It should be understood that the thickness of the peel is quite decent, so you need to germinate it initially, then plant it in the soil.

Disembarkation time may vary. When it’s convenient for you, because at home the temperature conditions are the same almost all the time. As regards the germination of the seed, usually the sprout can be seen after 3 weeks or 3 months. Yes indeed, the sprout sprouts for a long time.

germinate and plant avocado seed

Which side to plant avocado seed?

It is worth noting that it is not enough just to plunge a stone into the ground and water it. Because the peel is strong enough and poorly destroyed. Therefore, the ideal option is to drill small holes in the cortex, stick toothpicks into them, and dip the avocado bone with the blunt side down. You can just put a bone on the bottom of the glass and wait for it to hatch.

Avocados need to be planted in the soil with a blunt side down, this is where the sprout is located, which will most likely come out and break through the bone shell.

Growing Avocados from Bone

How to sprout avocado seed in a pot of earth: description

You can sprout avocado seeds not only with a glass of water, but also with the use of soil.


  • To do this, you need to take the soil that passes water well. It is best to use peat or turf.
  • Next, you need to moisten the soil well and bury the bone, but not completely. It is necessary that the third part of the bone looked out on the surface.
  • And it was not covered by the ground. Water the soil once every 3-5 days. The process of germination can take up to three months, so be patient and do not rush to throw a stone.
Growing Avocados from Bone

What water do you need to place an avocado seed in, what end?

There are three ways to germinate a plant.


  • To do this, place the seed in a glass a third, with a blunt side down, and wait for germination. Or in a hanging state, with the help of a prick on a toothpick. You need to stick the toothpicks shallow in a crust and with these supports set on a glass of water.
  • It is necessary that the dull side was in the water. This way you can observe the appearance of the roots. First, the upper bones will now peel off, and then you will see the first roots.
  • For germination, it is best to use clean water. In no case should it be boiled. The ideal option would be filtered water or melt. It contains a minimum of bacteria. Therefore, such water will not rot and bloom.
  • It is not necessary to change the water very often. It is necessary to lower the avocado into the water with the blunt end of the bone.
Avocado Water

Avocado seed: how many days does it take to germinate?

Regarding the period of germination, it is necessary to be patient. Because in some online publications they write that the period is 4 weeks. But in practice, the bone can germinate after 3 months. It all depends on the density of the crust of the bone, as well as on the strength of the germ and the conditions of germination.

Why doesn’t the avocado seed germinate: reasons, what to do?

There are several reasons why an avocado seed does not germinate:

  • First of all, this is the wrong fruit. If you choose a green avocado, then nothing will work, because the stone is immature.
  • Failure to comply with the landing rules. Perhaps the soil into which you lowered the bone is dry or not adequately supplied with minerals. Maybe she just does not pass water well and the bone dries up.
Avocado seed does not germinate

The avocado seed sprouted: what to do next, how to plant the sprouted avocado seed in the ground, save the seed when transplanting or clean?

The sprouted seed is transplanted into a pot after the length of the roots is 3 cm. The sprout may also hatch.


  • For transplantation, a plastic pot with a large number of holes for draining water is selected. The earth is watered abundantly and the stone is plunged into the soil 1/3. No need to completely bury the bone, it will soon become some decoration.
  • After the bone has been planted, you need to put the pot in a warm place and often water it. Usually, watering is carried out in a pan, that is, a container that is placed under the pot and the soil is absorbed through the hole in the pot. The plants themselves will take as much moisture as they need.
  • In no case should not break off or remove the stone. This way you can damage the roots and sprout. The whole thing will go down the drain, the bone serves as a kind of decoration. Do not worry that she looks unsightly now.
  • After some time, from bursting and rough, it will become smooth and beautiful, pink. Its size will increase, it will serve as a kind of decoration of the avocado tree.
Avocado Seedling

Bone Avocado Tree: Care

Caring for a plant is quite simple. It does not need to be additionally illuminated. Just put it on the windowsill on the south side, where there is a lot of sun.


  • It is necessary to water often. Avocados are transplanted when it grows to a level of 15 cm. Many recommend that, after the plant reaches this height, cut it. Leave only 8 cm of the stem.
  • This will stimulate the growth of the plant and make it more magnificent, and will also stimulate the growth of additional lateral shoots. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to spray avocado leaves and pour with mineral fertilizers.
  • For planting, it is best to use mixed loose soil or you can prepare it yourself. By mixing one part of peat, one part of river sand, and one part of garden soil.
Bone Avocado Tree

Bone avocado: will it bloom?

Blossoms and bears fruit avocado grown from the stone of the house is quite rare. Because plants such as oranges, tangerines and persimmons must be planted. In almost 95 -99% you will not get any flowers or fruits unless you plant a plant. You can initially buy an already grafted plant.

Will the avocado be fruit from the seed?

Usually an avocado tree is not grown for the purpose of obtaining fruits, but in order to admire the decorative plant. After all, this is a rather unusual culture that looks interesting and unusual.

Avocado fruit

What does an avocado tree look like at home: a photo

The appearance of the tree directly depends on how to care for it. Therefore, if you devote little time to your tree, then most likely it will wither and will not grow. With constant, good care, you can get a healthy, strong tree that will become an adornment of your windowsill. Below are photos that show how an avocado tree grown at home looks like.

Bone Avocado Bone Avocado

You should not expect that the tree will grow 2 m tall, as it happens in nature. Because the conditions of the house are different from those on the open ground. If you have a desire to acquire an exotic plant, you can grow an avocado tree from seed.


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